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Black Widow Tetra - M 4cm
TR187Black Widow Tetra - M 4cm
Bleeding Heart Tetra
TR524Bleeding Heart Tetra
Blind Cave Fish
TR5005Blind Cave Fish
Blue Diamond Neon Tetra 2.5cm
TR1006Blue Diamond Neon Tetra 2.5cm
Buenos Aires Tetra - M/L
TR199Buenos Aires Tetra - M/L
TR206Cardinal Tetra Jumbo
Colombian Tetra - M
TR195Colombian Tetra - M
Congo Tetra - 4cm
TR527Congo Tetra - 4cm
Diamond Tetra M
TR188Diamond Tetra M
Emperor Tetra - 2.3cm
TR190Emperor Tetra - 2.3cm
Flame Tetra - M
TR193Flame Tetra - M
Glass Bloodfin 3cm
TR975Glass Bloodfin 3cm
Glowlight Albino 2.2cm
TR207Glowlight Albino 2.2cm
Glowlight Tetra - 2cm
TR186Glowlight Tetra - 2cm
TR202Gold Tetra 2.3cm
Golden Pencilfish M
TR223Golden Pencilfish M
TR2467Kitty Tetra M
Lemon Tetra - M
TR5454Lemon Tetra - M
Lemon Tetra - XL
TR5107Lemon Tetra - XL
Neon Tetra - M
TR182Neon Tetra - M
Neon Tetra - M (100 PACK)
TR182ANeon Tetra - M (100 PACK)
TR5455Neon Tetra Black Albino 2.5cm
TR5497Neon Tetra Green M
Norman's Lampeye M
TR334Norman's Lampeye M
Phantom Tetra Black - M
TR191Phantom Tetra Black - M
Phantom Tetra Red- 2.5cm
TR192Phantom Tetra Red- 2.5cm
Pristella Tetra ML
TR201Pristella Tetra ML
Red Eye Tetra Balloon M
TR1008Red Eye Tetra Balloon M
Serpae Tetra - M
TR196Serpae Tetra - M
White Cloud Golden - M
TR940White Cloud Golden - M
White Cloud Mountain- M
TR208White Cloud Mountain- M
White Widow Tetra M
TR3138White Widow Tetra M