Fancy Coldwater

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AKWA Mixed Koi 7cm
CW405AKWA Mixed Koi 7cm
CW5029Black & White Oranda Wide Tail 7-8cm
CW5030Black Butterfly Flip tail 5-6cm
Black Moor 3cm
CW140Black Moor 3cm
Black Moor 5cm
CW151Black Moor 5cm
CW5035Black Ranchu 5-6cm
Calico Fantail 3cm
CW139Calico Fantail 3cm
Calico Fantail 5cm
CW152Calico Fantail 5cm
CW6009Calico Ryukin 5cm
CW6079Chocolate Oranda 5-7cm
FANCY PACK "A" assorted variety 3cm
CW133FANCY PACK "A" assorted variety 3cm
FANCY PACK "B" assorted variety 5cm
CW060FANCY PACK "B" assorted variety 5cm
CW629Ghost Fantail 5cm
CW6073Mixed Oranda 11-13cm
CW6015Mixed Oranda 13-15cm
CW6081Mixed Oranda 7-9cm
CW6075Mixed Ryukin 7-9cm
Red  Ranchu 4-5cm
CW150Red Ranchu 4-5cm
CW630Red & Black Fantail 5cm
Red & White Fantail 3cm
CW141Red & White Fantail 3cm
Red & White Fantail 5cm
CW055Red & White Fantail 5cm
CW6010Red Cap Oranda 5-7cm
Red Fantail 3cm
CW105Red Fantail 3cm
Red Fantail 5cm
CW147Red Fantail 5cm
Red Fantail 5cm (Sri Lanka)
CW413Red Fantail 5cm (Sri Lanka)
Red Ranchu 9-11cm
CW6016Red Ranchu 9-11cm
CW5031Red Ryukin Long Tail 7-8cm
CW5033Red Ryukin Short Tail 5-6cm