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TR5477L104 Clown Plec 2"
L127 Colombian False Zebra Plec 3"
TR5496L127 Colombian False Zebra Plec 3"

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L128 Blue Phantom Plec 1.5-2"
TR5476L128 Blue Phantom Plec 1.5-2"
L168 Butterfly Plec M
TR5472L168 Butterfly Plec M
L190 Royal Plec 2-3"
TR5478L190 Royal Plec 2-3"
L200 Green Phantom Plec M
TR5490L200 Green Phantom Plec M
L201 Inspector Plec
TR5473L201 Inspector Plec
White Spotted Rubbernose Plec
TR5479White Spotted Rubbernose Plec