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Algae Eater  - 5cm
TR155Algae Eater - 5cm
Algae Eater Albino Golden- 5cm
TR156Algae Eater Albino Golden- 5cm
Botia Lohachata 5cm (Yoyo Loach)
TR5066Botia Lohachata 5cm (Yoyo Loach)
Clown Loach 6.5cm
TR419Clown Loach 6.5cm
TR2753Golden Zebra Loach
Kuhli Loach 4cm
TR926Kuhli Loach 4cm
TR2733Red Tail Botia Loach ML
Red Tailed Banded Loach 5cm
TR160Red Tailed Banded Loach 5cm
TR2367Saddled Hillstream Loach 3"
Sewellia Lineolata 3cm
TR568Sewellia Lineolata 3cm
TR2364Spotted Sumatran Hillstream Loach 3"
Weather Loach 12cm
TR5027Weather Loach 12cm