Popular Assorted Bunches

Consolidated Only- Direct from Singapore, One weeks notice required. – NOT KEPT IN STOCK

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W0479Assorted bushes: lead weighted
WL479Assorted bushes: ringed
WP479Assorted Potted: Plastic
PACK1Plant Pack 1 (50 Pieces)

5 xWL443 Anubias hastifolia
15 xWL945 Echinodorus tenellus broadleaf
15x WL108 Echinodorus bleheri
15 xWL129 Hygrophila polysperma -sub

PACK2Plant Pack 2 (50 Pieces)

5 x WL442 Anubias hastifolia
10 x WL108 Echinodorus bleheri – emersed WL109 or submerged
15 x WP941 Echinodorus pot premium barthii WP471 rose WP941, Ozelot WP939
10 x Wp335Cryptocoryne Sri Lanka – sub (pot) or Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green x Tall form pt WP674
10 x Wp679 Cryptocoryne wendtii x hybrid pot or Crypto Wendtii broadleaf pot WP493

PACK3Plant Pack 3 (50 Pieces)

5 x WL021 Anubias barteri var. nana
10 x WL007 Alt red:lilacina,ocipus,cardinalis
10 x WL099 Dracaena: deremensis,sanderiana variegatus
10 x WL553 Ech large growers choice muricatus WL112 argentinensis WL553 ECH Asst WL552
15 x Ech small growers choice latifolis WP522 enellus WP115tenellus broadleaf WP945